In order to get the  IDNYC card, applicants must present documents proving their identity and address. The city is using a point system similar to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.  Applicants must present a list of documents which add up to 4 points. The city provides a document calculator which can help you with this task. New York city residents with a NYS Driver’s License, NYS DMV Identification Card, NYS learner’s Permit or NYC pistol Permit is all that is required, provided that these items have a New York City address.

You will need:
(1)  Documents with a total of least four (4) points.
– Documents proving identity must add up to at least three (3) points .
– Documents proving residency must add up to At least one (1) point.
(2) At least one (1) of the documents submitted must have a photo of the applicant, unless the applicant is 21 years old
or younger and is accompanied by a caretaker who can demonstrate proof of relationship.
(3) At least one (1) of the documents submitted has the applicant’s date of birth.

No expired documents will be accepted except machine readable passports that expired within the last three years. Only original documents and copies certified by the issuing agency will be accepted.

FCCs Addiction and Recovery

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This is a series of eight sermons on addiction and recovery by Pastor Leigh Harrison. It does not matter what the addiction is, these messages will apply. You will find these sermons to be both uplifting and encouraging. The sermons are in Real Audio format.