“How to Kick the Worry Habit”
by Jim Rohn

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How to Kick the Worry Habit
Worry May Be A Killer
In my seminars the last few years I have covered what I have
found to be those few, simple, basic principles that can make major
changes in life and lifestyle. One of those subjects that gets the
most comment is:

Disease of the Attitude. And out of that subject, worry and how to kick the worry habit have caused the most questions. So, in this brief visit with you, let me give you my best look at worry, how to recognize it and define it, and what to do about it. And hopefully these ideas will give you a good chance for confidence over worry.

First of all, worry might well be killer number one. And if it is
not the number one physical killer, although doctors tell us
worriers die sooner than non-worriers, and we have all heard the
expression “worry yourself to death,” at least it is the number one
killer of dreams and achievement,of energy and vitality, and
I know the damage and effect of this killer – worry, first hand. I will spare you the details, but over a period of some three years I let worry get out of hand. As I’ve mentioned before, I became a super worrier. I was good at it. The combination of small and big worries about my circumstances, what people thought of me, my finances, my abilities, the future, my progress, all led to a complete physical collapse. A stay in the hospital, emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion, and a deep despair I couldn’t shake. A sad picture for a young man who should have been well on his way to carving out his share of opportunity.
I am happy to tell you that good fortune came my way. And as
many of you may be aware, I met a man, Mr. Earl Shoaff. With his
ideas and inspiration and the help of a very close friend, I worked
my way past the minefields of worry and disaster, and out into the
clear air of mental sunshine. And if I did it, anybody can do it.
I’m not saying it’s easy. It took me almost a full year to kick the worry habit. It took practice and much effort, but it was well worth it. Remember, don’t ask for the task to be easy, just ask for
it to be worth it.

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