About Me

Stewart W Brebnor is a sober coach with extensive experience providing care and support to those suffering from addiction. Using direct and effective communication methods; clients and their families are taught how to lead successful, sober lives. Clients are shown how their lives can be led through the steps of sobriety. Stewart believes that each person deserves a unique and individualized program. As a sober coach, Stewart understands that the relationship developed is one that requires compassion, patience and confidentiality. Through the implementation of his programs and services, Mr. Brebnor continually demonstrates his effectiveness through the continued success of his clients.

Stewart’s Approach to Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a program developed by Stewart W Brebnor based on the tenets of CCAR. It is a program based on the philosophical theory of holism. “The system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave.” Successful emotional health cannot be attained and maintained when the individual is treated alone. Instead, Stewart has found a more complex system to be effective. People lead healthier lives when those who love them receive treatment as well. In most cases of addiction, family members and loved ones become co-dependent and enable cycles of addiction. With Stewart’s method the entire support system is worked with and treated.

Some of Stewart’s Services Include

  • Individual and family education
  • Individual and family coaching
  • Working hand in hand with entire treatment team
  • Works with other service professionals to provide a team approach.
  • Referrals Provided

Professional Experience

Recovery Coach 2000 – Present

  • Transportation of clients to and from treatment centers
  • Attend and respond to clients’ needs efficiently and effectively
  • Implement principles/methods of 12-Step Program
  • Teach clients life skills
  • Mentor and instruct clients on various self-help strategies and effective coping mechanisms
  • Facilitates Back to Basics Lecturers at The Gibb Mansion in Brooklyn, NY
  • Implement supportive weekend Matt Talbot Spiritual Retreats for men in Recovery


  • CCAR (community reinforcement and family training)- Ongoing
  • Interned at Smither’s Rehab
  • Motivational Interviewing – Ongoing

    Magnetic Bead Acupressure
    African Foot Massage and Acupressure

  • OASAS Intervention Training, Ongoing
  • Coaching for Transformation, Life Coach CCAR and OASAS, Aug 2015 Sep 2015

Peter’s Residence 2008 – 2012

  • Facilitated weekly support groups for men and women living in nine drug free environments
  • Taught men and women about signs of and effects of drug use and abuse
  • Developed and implemented programs and activities to improve the life skills of men and women

Stewart W Brebnor   1994 – 2000  

  • Sales and marketing for Peter’s Residence
  • Applied effective selling strategies in marketing for over 6 politicians in the Tri-State area
  • Planned, organized, and conducted impressive sales presentations to clients
  • Identified new business opportunities
  • Performed market analysis to help establish and maintain positive and profitable relationships with clients
  • Planned supportive weekend Matt Talbot Spiritual Retreats for men in Recovery.