HopesAlive Inc.

Therapeutic Theatre


Hopes Alive Inc. uses the power of artistic creations to reach the hearts and minds of the people, we believe that while a lecture and/or workshop is a great tool for awareness and prevention education; music, contemporary dance, mime, praise dance, reggae, rap and all other genres is a magnificent tool in reaching the citizenry and helping them to understand the consequences of negative behaviors.

Hopes Alive Inc. produces “The Phoenix Chronicles” Each one representing a social issue that most of us encounter. Through theatre performances we show the adversity and the spiritual journey that takes us to the other side.

Workshops on HIV and drug use prevention education through lecture interwoven with monologues, poetry, rap and reggae. An annual two hour educational production on social issues. (Props, lighting, tech. costume etc.)

The Adherence Step Program was inspired by the Twelve Step concept of Alcoholics Anonymous; and Narcotics Anonymous. It teaches a spiritual way of living that allows the individual to live one day at a time, one pill at a time. The program focuses on adherence; learning how to “stick too” a medicine regimen as well as all plans and decisions that one has made for change.

Hopes Alive, Inc. also conducts disclosure presentations. We believe that by conducting these presentations on living with HIV we put a face to HIV/AIDS which help young people to come face to face with the reality of HIV. These presentations also help the HIV positive individual to gain better acceptance and coping skills through disclosure. Hopes Alive, Inc. recruits only those who are well skilled in disclosure and who acquire a sense of fulfillment from conducting these presentations.

Health education conducted through theatrical performances.
Materials include basic HIV/AIDS 101 information and education on drug use prevention; performance materials include poetry like “The Drug War”, “Vampire Drug Dealer” and “Mr. Crack”. Monologue “The Killer” (the talking virus), “There are many people who are living with HIV”. Reggae “Marijuana” (taking a ride on the neighborhood slide), “Road Runner”, (the addict). Rap “What you do today, you will pay for it tomorrow”.

We conduct theatrical performances on drugs and alcohol; how it relates to manageability and how it relates to acquiring HIV/AIDS

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