5 Tips for Eating Healthier

Eat Healthy

5 Tips for Eating Healthier

Eating healthy during recovery from drug addiction is an important strategy since addiction like any other disease is best fought if you are fit physically, mentally and emotionally. These 5 Tips for Eating Healthier eating can help you get started on this life changing journey.


Eating a balanced diet is important during recovery. Your body requires proteins, vitamins, sugar, minerals and other food supplements to get back in shape. Hence ensure all your meals contains:

Proteins contain elements required to repair damaged tissues and help in growth of new tissues thus you should increase your protein intake. This is a necessity for recovering addicts since substance abuse can damage important body tissues including brain tissues. Thus increase your intake of poultry, seafood, beans, lean meat, nuts and seeds among others. It is common to constantly feel hungry during recovery as your body is making adjustments. Proteins take longer to get digested in your body; hence can help you stay full for a long time and avoid overeating.

As a general rule, always ensure that half your plate contains vegetables either raw or slightly cooked. Vegetables contain numerous vitamins, nutrients and photo nutrients that your body requires for full recovery. One thing that you will experience while recovering is constant cravings which can be fought by eating vegetables; and the best part is you can at as much as you wan without adding calories since they are low in calories.

Like vegetables, fruits help your recovery process by supplying your body with fiber, natural sugar and minerals that can help reduce the chances of getting life-threatening ailments associated with drug addiction. Other than improving your digestive system, fiber contained in fruits can help prevent some diseases like diabetes and cancer. Avocados are known to contain fats that help in repair of cell membranes. These are the cells that determine your mood, thus increasing avocado intake can help to stabilize your mood during recovery.

Drink lots of water
The last thing you need during recovery is dehydrated body which is it common for a recovering addict, thus increase water intake to keep your body hydrated. Water can help improve how you feel particularly when feeling depressed, stressed or anxious which are common during recovery. Thus, take at least 8 glasses of water or more especially if you are exercising. Complement water intake with tea, fruit juice, soft drinks and milk but not alcohol since it can lead to further addiction or relapse. Other than helping you avoid overeating by filling up your stomach, water can also help in repairing damaged skin tissues to keep you a young and youthful look.

Eat regularly
Never skip meals during recovery. Skipping meals can cause you some cravings which can lead to relapse or addiction to something different. Aim to take three meals in a day and take a snack or two during the meals. The snack can be a fruit or quality dark chocolates. Keep in mind that although chocolate can improve your mood and make you feel better, they are also rich in calories thus eat in moderation. Breakfast is the most important meal and you should take it at all costs. Ensure that your breakfast contain fiber, whole grain, bread potatoes pasta and anything that can give you energetic for the rest of the day. Caffeine is quite addictive, thus unless you really need it avoid drinking coffee during recovery.

Remember drug addiction is a disease and not a sign of weakness, thus fight it by trying these tips.