Tips for Overcoming Addiction

Conquer Your Addiction

Tips for Overcoming Addiction

Addiction is very complex and overcoming it may be quite challenging. It is important to understand that fighting addiction requires effort, attention, and time. With a little planning, motivation, and a lot of determination, you have a good chance to beat addiction. Whether you want to quit gambling, smoking, stop drinking, telling lies or sex, here are tips for overcoming addictions.

Know why you do it

What is the purpose of your behavior? Is it to help you deal with stress and depression or just for leisure? You must be able to answer yourself that question. It may not be easy to admit that you have a harmful habit, but you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Be real to yourself.

Make two different lists

Get a pen and paper and write down two different lists; one which includes all the negative effects of your addiction and another one for the positive changes you want in your life. This will help you resolve to change as soon as possible.

Predict your weak points

A weak point may be your reaction to a particular condition or particular time of the day. Recognize the specific times that you are more prone to indulge in your habit and do something that is contrastive with the addiction you are trying to overcome.

Change your lifestyle

You need to change the things you do for fun, the places you visit frequently, and the people you hang out with. If you are addicted to a computer, you can remove it from the house. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can stop carrying money. You can as well remove all the alcoholic beverages from the cabinets of your house if you are trying to stop drinking. Having no access is the best way to conquer addiction.

Seek support

You may need to seek advice from a healthcare professional or walk into a rehabilitative program. Many people are battling with addictions and consequently, there are many institutions that serve as support systems that can help you stay motivated, provide tips for success, and encourage you every time you fail.

You need to accountable to someone who will give you some support tell you the truth when you are kidding yourself. You can as well get your family and friends involved in your efforts to overcome addiction.

Celebrate your achievement
You have to motivate yourself to keep moving. When you realize you are making progress, no matter how little, give yourself credit.

Kicking addiction can be very tough, but it can be done.