3 Methods To Help You Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking

3 Methods To Help You Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health, this is something almost everyone you know must have told you, and this is something you surely are already well aware of. Another fact is, stopping smoking is not easy, but it is not impossible either, and if you do succeed, you save lots of money, you don’t smell of cigarette smoke all the time, you lose excess weight, you look better, and you live longer. These surely are reasons enough for you to try to quit smoking. If everything you have ever tried has failed, then given below are 3 methods to help you stop smoking, which you can start following right away.

1. Write down and tell others

There must be reasons why you plan to quit smoking, might be because of your loved ones, to enjoy better health, to look better, to set good examples for your kids, to avoid your family being exposed to passive smoking, to lose weight, or to live longer. No matter what the reasons may be, write them down on a piece of paper. In the initial few days you will be tempted to smoke, and whenever that happens, go through your list and it will help you resist your temptation

Together with writing it down, you should also let your near ones be aware of your decision. Your loved ones can be a big support, and they will help make sure you stay firm, and do not change your decision.

2. Chew your urge

Nicotine-based chewing gum are said to be really helpful for those who want to give up smoking. Whenever you feel the urge, just chew on these gums and you will feel a lot better. Even some herbal tablets have been created that can prove to be equally helpful. These herbal tablets are said to be nicotine free and contain ingredients like cinnamon, cardamoms, ginger, and clove, and are absolutely safe.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise

As per experts, even ten minutes of jogging or cycling can help you quit smoking significantly. It has been observed that physical exercise leads to changes in brain activity, and can minimize cigarette cravings. Even though it is not completely clear, but researchers believe that exercising improves mood, and this reduces the need of a cigarette.

So, make sure that whenever you feel the urge, go for a ten or fifteen minutes walk, jog, or cycle for sometime. Together with preventing you from picking a cigarette, exercising will offer you many other health benefits.

Quitting smoking can be a little difficult, but it ensures a beautiful life and environment for you and your loved ones. So, waste no time, follow these tips, and begin your cigarette-free journey right away.