Overcoming Fear

False Evidence Appearing Real

“It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us.”
Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Most addicts react to fear before it happens because we make an unreal assumption of what might happen if we expose our self to or take a certain step.

Credit: http://reallifeglobal.com

Credit: http://reallifeglobal.com

We have an adversary in our brains which keeps us obediently on the straight and narrow because it knows who you are, and it wrongly concludes that where you are is secure, safe and it believes it can protect us from this illusionary fear which we see in front of us.

There really is no fear.

We create the fear due to our inability to confront the fear.
We can get through it if we had the courage.
Yet most addicts retreat from the false evidence they perceive (glimpse) before them.
Unfortunately there is no possible way we can ascertain that this false evidence is actually appearing real if we are in an illusion which is more real to us than the actual truth in what we perceive (discern).

So if Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, that means we create it, and it usually comes from the unknown.

In order to overcome fear we must first :

Acknowledge it.
(Become fully aware of what is stopping us from moving forward.)
Identify what’s behind it (the fear)
Talk yourself through the ‘what if’s’
be objective, (the fear is only there to test you)

The feeling that you have when you break through Fear, is sheer joy.