Love and Service



Love and Service

“We want what we want when we want it” leads to restlessness, irritability
and discontent A big shot who is greedy never rests, whereas one who sobers up
has no more big deals and lives in a world of peace. An un-mortified person is
quickly tempted, plagued with issues and prone to leapfrog over mouse turds and
major in minors. That person is weak, carnal and inclined to sensual things. They
are prey to their instinct-gratification. The thought of giving them up is frightening
and they lash out with justifications in anger, mostly against “them people.” The
issues-laden victim litany is often heard. Yet, if they give in to their passions.
remorse of conscience overwhelms thern as they fail to satisfy the hole in the belly
with the wind blowing through it…it does not lead to the peace they sought.

True peace of heart is found in “avoiding beginnings” by resisting
Passions, not in satisfying them. There is no peace in the carnal person, in the one
given to vain attractions, but there is genuine peace and joy in the fervent and
spiritual person.

1 Is your venture of belief on cruise-control?
2 Have you sobered up to better indulge your instincts or serve your fellows?
3 Are you giving in to your passions?

RESOLVED: Just for today, practice mortification by simply allowing things to be
as they are.

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