A Whisper In The Wind

G*d could and would if He is Sought

A Whisper In The Wind

A homeless man with a gentle voice, sleeps under a bridge for he has no choice. An intelligent man and a father of three, has lost all he had, now lives on the streets.

He’s 30 years old yet looks 56, the affect of drug addiction, alcohol and cigarettes. A promise he made them, but did not keep, he thinks of his kids as softly he weeps.

The life, and the love, and the home that he once shared, the money and cars, have all disappeared. Now all that he has are these merciless streets, is his very last thought as he drifts off to sleep..

Awakened by the smell of bacon and eggs, he opens his eyes and straightens his legs. Daybreak has come, a new dawn is here, but his very first thought is “I need a beer.”

His back is stiff and hurting, and his legs they are sore, and although he has no money, he heads to the store. He approaches a man and asks him for help, but an angry “Get lost!” is all that he hears.

He lowers his head and as he walks away.. came a compassionate voice, and he hears it say “I was about to go inside and buy candy in the store, but you can have my dollar because you need it more.”

His hand reaches out but then quickly retracts, taking money from a child, he just couldn’t do that. With flashbacks of his life it became suddenly clear, the drugs and the drinking are the reason that he is here.

Falling down to his knees he looks up to the sky, begs GOD for forgiveness, and awaits HIS reply. Tears stream down his face as he prays and he cries, then came a whisper from The LORD, “I forgive you child my child, rise.” “All is forgiven so rise to you feet, now do well by others and keep faith in ME.” “Live life by MY word and give credence to peace, and your soul will have life everlasting with ME.”

-Author Eric F. Williams (Smiles and Cries)

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