A Cry From the Sky

A Cry From The Sky

The sun begins to rise as the moon starts to set, and from all that she drank, there’s a pounding in her head. Her feet hit the floor as she sits up in her bed, and her alarm clock is blaring until she slaps it dead.

Feet in her slippers, she crosses the floor, and turns on the bathroom light as she opens the door. The toilet is right there but her bladder is weak, and she just barely makes it before she starts to pee.

Day after day, and week after week, she drinks until she’s drunk, and then the cycle repeats. One morning she awakes to a knock on her door, and realizes that all night she has been drunk on the floor.

She opens the door and to her surprise, there stood an angel from Heaven, with tears in its eyes.. Asking her “How much longer will you let life pass you by?” She drops her head and it disappears before her lips can reply…

-Author Eric F. Williams (Evidence of Ambition)

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