Does Counseling really work?

Counseling works by helping client sort through emotional and intellectual experiences, and drawing an understanding of how a client is feeling and what they think about the problem they are facing.

Research has proven that counseling can be very effective in helping clients make healthy changes in their lives. For counseling to be effective, it’s necessary for the client to take part in the process.

Counseling is mainly about talking and listening. It helps people to deny guilt and shame. It helps people to make important changes in life and realize their potential. Counseling can resurface memories that the client buried deep down because they were too painful to face. Such memories can create multiple issues and act as roadblocks on the path to recovery.

A counselor will aim to help you get a clear overview of the problem, as the basis for finding ways forward. A simple opportunity to talk to someone caring and supportive is enough for a lot of people to help them find solutions on their own.

Counseling can be of various types:-

1. Psychodynamic counseling: – This type of counseling focuses on relationship patterns and may be helpful in understanding how early experiences might be affecting you in the present.
2. Person-centered counseling: – Personal/individual uniqueness is considered of paramount importance here and giving any advice is avoided. Focus is on supporting you in finding your own meanings and solutions.
3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy: – It is action focused, especially helpful in tackling unhelpful thinking habits. Is extremely effective in treating both depression and anxiety.
4. Integrative counseling: – Many counselors integrate aspects of each of these approaches, rather than working in only one way.

It has been proven that counseling is really an effective technique. If you are facing any sort of depression, anxiety or stress, you should definitely consult a counselor.