Being healthy- The key to a happy life

To live a happy life, you must take control on your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Without a doubt, when you are in good health, things become a lot easier and you find yourself in a good mood most of the time. And to stay healthy, implementing the simplest things is probably the best course of action.

• Eat healthy – Healthy eating is the most important thing to keep yourself energetic and vibrant. A ‘primal’ diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and meat and egg is best for maintaining a good body. Also, always plan to include vitamin-packed superfoods in your diet.

• Get Enough Sleep – If you don’t get enough sleep, everything else will suffer. Sleep destitution can cause a number of negative effects on the body. It can restrict your body’s production of hormones and enzymes.

• Drinking plenty of water – Drinking water will help to hydrate your body and detoxify it. You should take at least 8 glass of water each day. Maintaining hydration can have a thorough impact on our vitality and energy levels, including metal alertness.

• Have a social network – Strong emotional relations with friends and family helps in protecting from depression, isolation and even mental illness. Volunteering, working, entertaining, exercising, and even playing games will keep your mind active and alert. Reach out and extend the gesture of holding hands and hugging. It helps in reducing blood pressure.

• Get Active – You can build up both your spirit and your body by engaging in gentle physical activity each day. You can boast your activeness by daily walk, exercise and jogging. You can also start a walking group with friends or coworkers, or try some sports that you might enjoy.

• Emotional Wellbeing – Try to forgive and forget past offences or bad memories, you will never be able to move forward till you hold onto these. Be sure to show your loved ones how you feel about them. Every day, take a few minutes to reflect on what you have achieved and all the things you are grateful for.

• Believe – Your spirituality and personal faith can serve as a remedy for various ailments. Be sure to take at least a few minutes every day to pray, meditate, or engage in inspirational reading.